About Debbie Terranova

Debbie Terranova is a writer of contemporary and historical fiction and non-fiction with a distinctly Australian flavour. The eras that particularly interest her are the roaring 20s, the Second World War as it was experienced within Australia, and the vibrant free-wheeling 1970s.

Baby Farm (adult fiction/mystery novel, published 2014): Inspired by a documentary about forced adoptions in the 1970s and the contemporary issues of designer babies and surrogacy, this is a cosy crime mystery/who-dunnit with lots of twists and a touch of romance. Published September 2014. Available as an ebook from Smashwords, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, txtr, Amazon Kindle, kobo.

Mowbray Brothers (short story, published 2011): Saturday night, summer of 1920. Mowbray Park is where the local lads go for a laugh, a beer and a smoke. Eight-year-old Lucky sneaks out of bed to discover his brother and hero has taken a dare that could cost much more than his one shilling bet. Prize-winning short story, first published in One Book Many Brisbanes. Republished August 2014. Available as an ebook from the following online book retailers: Smashwords, Apple iBooks, Scribd, Barnes & Noble, txtr, Amazon Kindle, kobo.

New Land, New Life (short story, published 2009): When Maria, a woman of central Sicily, falls for a plantation owner from Australia she must choose between love of her homeland and migration to a distant land. When the newlyweds arrive at Luigi’s cane farm in the Queensland tropics, it is nothing like the rosy picture he painted. Maria is faced with yet another hard decision. Published in Beginnings: Queensland Stories.


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